Testing, testing, testing

I am beginning to think that this blog thing just didn’t want me to get this working.  


So this is a test post to see how it goes *shrugs*  I guess we will see.  I have only been at this all day long and still don’t really have anything to show for it, except for 1 recipe and a pretty messed up theme as of right now.

So here I am . . .

I had been putting this off for quite a while, waiting until I had the perfect theme, which I was procrastinating working on.  After losing my main and my backup hard drives, and having to go back a couple of years, I decided to go ahead and put this up while I procrastinated some more on the perfect theme!

So, here I am . . . here you will find all my musing about my family, my recipes, sewing, well, pretty much anything that makes me a domestic demigoddess.  You see, I am definitely NOT a goddess, as they are supposed to be perfect, and, well, being far from perfect, I am a DEMIgoddess  lol