Tips & Tricks: Super Moist Turkey

Super Moist Turkey



I have been doing this for years, and have never had a dry turkey.  People comment about how moist and flavorful my turkey is, especially when I make a turkey breast instead of a whole turkey.


Tips for roasting a VERY moist turkey
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  1. Whole turkey or turkey breast
  2. Butter
  3. Chicken broth or stock
  1. Place butter underneath the skin, and then butter the entire outside
  2. Place breast side DOWN, yes, you read that correctly
  3. Pour 3-4 cups of broth or stock in the pan, and cover with foil
  4. Cooking temperature and time will depend on your bird size. I roast my breast at 325.
  5. 75 minutes before done, turn turkey over and recover with foil
  6. 45 minutes before done uncover turkey and let skin brown
  1. This works with a whole turkey or a turkey breast.
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